Amenities 100% ecological for hotels

Amenities 100% ecological for Hotels

I Disappear has 3 ecological amenities in single dose of 10ml. and 5ml. with two ranges: Kauai and Lombok

  • GEL 10ml.: Body gel.
  • SHAMPOO 10ml.: Shampoo with conditioner.
  • BODY OIL 5ml.: Moisturizing oil for body use.
  • SOON: Body milk, hand cream, toothpaste, sunscreen and sunscreen.
idisappear lombok range

Lombok range

Classic range of pastel colors and elegant aromas.

idisappear lombok range

Kauai range

Fresh range of bright colors and fruity aromas.


Our philosophy is not to generate waste, which is why we deliver the product in boxes of 300 units to be placed on our displays or on trays or other types of support.

Our displays are personalized with the hotel logo, the sustainability message and we identify each product.

They are fixed to the wall with double-sided tape, no drilling required.

bamboo amenities display

bamboo display stand

Exhibitor customized in bamboo and laser engraved.

aluminum amenities display

aluminum display

Customized aluminum display, with an opening assistance system for a better user experience.

photo I Disappear
photo I disappear
i disappear amenities for hotels
100% Ecological Amenities

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