Amenities 100% biodegradable and ecological for hotels.

100% Ecological Amenities

Body gel, Shampoo with conditioner and Moisturizing oil for body use. 100% biodegradable and ecological amenities for hotels.

I Disappear pods are made with organic materials getting one 100% true biodegradability following the European regulations aimed at the elimination of single-use plastics.

Delivered in bulk and positioned in our displays we achieve Zero Waste

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Single-use plastics fulfill their function for a few minutes and end up in the ecosystem, taking several centuries to degrade and contaminating during all this time.

I disappear solves this problem using organic materials.

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sustainable cosmetics

Your guests will surely value our line of cosmetics as an "amenity" for the innovation and sustainability which represent. Since our amenities are totally ecological. 

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Design and quality

Our biodegradable single-dose amenities have been designed so that your opening is easy and intuitive for the user.  

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I Disappear, being a container that does not contain no type of plastic is 100% ecological, in contact with water the perception is instantly biodegradable.

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Two types of openings

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We have 3 ecological amenities in single doses of 10ml and 5ml.:

Conditioning shampoo I disappear

shampoo with conditioner

Body gel I disappear

body wash

oil i disappear

Moisturizing oil for body use


100% Biodegradable,

It does not contain any type of plastic.

  • In contact with hot water: disintegrates into Few minutes.
  • In contact with cold water: It disintegrates in a few hours.
  • In the center of nature: It disintegrates in a few weeks.
  • 100% Compost Home
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100% Ecological Amenities
100% Ecological Amenities
100% Ecological Amenities

[I disappear] winner of the following awards:

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