Amenities in organic single-use products, with no plastics.

100% Biodegradable, containing no plastic

Amenities 100% Ecológicas

Body gel, Shampoo with conditioner and Moisturising oil for the body. 100% Biodegradable

I Disappear’s single-dose products are produced with organic materials attaining a real biodegradability of 100% in line with European regulations intended to eliminate single-use plastics, as per obligations from 3 July 2021.

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Single-use plastics are used for a few minutes and end up in the ecosystem, taking several centuries to degrade. They contaminate throughout.

I Disappear solves this problem by using organic materials

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Sustainable cosmetics

Your guests will definitely value our line of cosmetics as an “amenity” for the innovation and sustainability they represent.

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Design and quality

Our biodegradable single-dose Amenities have been designed so that they can be easily opened and are intuitive to use.

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I Disappear uses containers that do not contain any plastic. On contact with water, their biodegradability is instantly visible.

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Two ways to open it

i disappear abertura fácil
i disappear abertura fácil

We currently offer 3 single-dose products each of 10 ml and 5ml:

Champú acondicionador I disappear

Shampoo with heat effect conditioner

Gel corporal I disappear

Body gel with heat effect

aceite i disappear

Moisturising oil for the body


100% Biodegradable,

containing no plastic.

  • On contact with warm water: Disintegrates in a few minutes.
  • On contact with lukewarm water: Disintegrates in a few hours.
  • With no contact with water, in relatively normal conditions of humidity: Disintegrates in a few weeks.
Desintegration I disappear 18º
Desintegration I disappear 18º
Desintegration I disappear Few weeks
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Amenities 100% Ecológicas
Amenities 100% Ecológicas
Amenities 100% Ecológicas
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